Our history

Garth’s journey began in 1972 as a small Australian family business, initially focusing on making gas barbecues. Over the decades, we’ve grown significantly, but our core values have remained the same.

Garth today

As a leading manufacturer and innovator in lifestyle solutions, we’ve expanded our reach to over 30 countries, yet our approach is still deeply Australian – practical, honest, and grounded.

Our team, composed of experts from across the world, excels in areas such as design, engineering, and manufacturing. Guided by our CEO, with over thirty years at Garth’s helm, we’ve refined our skills and expertise, positioning ourselves as world-class operators in the lifestyle solutions sector.

Our Purpose

Bringing people together, creating unforgettable memories.

Our Mission

We cultivate ideas and embrace diversity. Actively seeking new opportunities for growth and innovation, we deliver exceptional products that enrich lifestyles.

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner in sustainable lifestyle solutions, connecting continents and cultures we inspire creativity to enhance everyday living experiences.

At Garth, we remember our beginnings.

Despite our global presence, we still operate with the same principle we started with: to provide innovative, high-quality products at fair prices. Our story is one of steady growth, unwavering commitment to quality, and a dedication to enhancing everyday living through our products.

Our team

Our experienced team has been recruited from across the globe. Each member contributes unique knowledge and skills, reflecting a rich blend of different industries and cultural backgrounds.

This diversity not only enhances our team’s capability but also infuses our work with social values and a broad, multicultural perspective. Their combined expertise instills confidence in our customers, both in the development of innovative new products and in tapping into emerging market opportunities.

CEO Gavin Hill

Our Australian Chief Executive Officer, with over three decades of experience, brings extensive expertise in design, customization, and production.

This rich background is part of a family tradition that has been contributing to the industry for nearly 50 years, beginning with the creation of some of the first gas barbecues for the Australian market.

At Garth, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and communities that make up our world.

We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate at every stage, from design to delivery, ensuring our products reflect the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.